These days, everyone from government agencies to social networking sites benefits from data centers — and if your company produces or consumes data, you likely need the help of a data center yourself. While these amazing resources allow for cloud computing and other modern miracles, choosing the right data center to house your information can ultimately make or break your company. If you’re looking for one of the most promising data center solution providers, the following attributes are an absolute must.


1.     State of the Art Security

When private corporate assets, personal customer information, and other confidential data are stored digitally, it should hardly be surprising that data centers would present a highly desirable target for hackers. Because of this, data centers need to serve as a true fortress, fully compliant with the highest security standards available (currently, PCI DSS 3.1).


Of course, this doesn’t negate the need for physical security, either. Video surveillance, controlled facility access, and other tech should provide 24/7 monitoring to prevent break-ins attempting to steal data the old-fashioned way.


2.     Flexibility & Connectivity

Your company needs the ability to access its information anytime, anywhere. As such, your data center will need to provide high-speed connectivity that also has the flexibility to handle even the most complex of cloud computing demands.


To achieve these results, quality data centers employ redundant connections with separate fibers and links to ensure that information can always be delivered in a matter of microseconds — especially when connected to leading telecommunications providers. This ensures that minor problems that might pop up within an individual data center don’t result in a service disruption.


3.     The Right Location

A key part of ensuring continued connectivity is when a service provider has multiple data centers. When a data center solution provider utilizes multiple facilities, you can have greater confidence that you’ll never lose access to the information that matters most.


Using multiple facilities protects data centers from both physical and digital threats. When one facility is made unavailable due to a natural disaster or an equipment failure, the data processing load is shifted to the other center. This way, all who rely on the data center solutions provider will always be able to access their information, even if one facility is put completely out of commission.


Our digitally connected society has brought about seemingly limitless opportunities — but taking advantage of these global changes requires the right partnership. As you focus on these essential attributes when choosing a data center, you will be able to produce and consume data with confidence as you work toward your business goals.