When it comes to data security breaches, everyone is interested, or should be interested, in the companies affected.

Granted, many of the most egregious breaches do make the national news, but some of the less well-known hacks may actually affect you, your credit or debit card information and even your entire identity. As a matter of fact, known data breaches in 2014 will affect some half a billion people in one way or another. 

Have You Been Here?

Just to skip to the heart of the problem, here are some of the largest data breaches in 2014:

  • JP Morgan Chase – The true scope of this breach simply seems to keep expanding. As of October 2014, at least 76 million people and over 7 million small businesses are known to have been affected so far. Data acquired includes names, addresses, email addresses and even phone numbers.

  • Home Depot – At this point it appears that the credit and debit card numbers for over 56 million people were acquired during this breach as reported in September 2014.

  • Google – Another hack in September 2014 compromised the usernames and passwords for over 5 million people. 

  • eBay – Virtually everyone in the world heard about this security breach in May of 2014 which affected well over 145 million people. Information acquired included mailing addresses, customer names, dates of birth, encrypted passwords, phone numbers and email addresses.

  • Snapchat – A data breach occurred in January 2014 that exposed the usernames and passwords for some 4.6 million people. 

  • Sony – Regardless of the reasoning behind this data breach and some of the controversy and even entertainment that the breach has evoked, the bottom line is that email addresses for Sony execs and even email addresses and social security numbers for celebrities were revealed in the fray.

  • Michaels – In April, 2014, data breaches at Michaels has revealed the payment card information and card expiration dates for some 3 million customers.

And these are simply some of the biggest and most newsworthy. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, these breaches weren’t as damaging to victims as they could be. A lot of the damages that these breaches cause could be mitigated by using an emergency data recovery service. The next list of breaches could well lead to the identity theft of millions of people:

  • Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services – At least 1.3 million people had significant amounts of information revealed in this June 2014 hack. Information included names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, social security numbers, insurance information, diagnoses, prescriptions and a wide variety of other health related information, even with HIPPA compliance.

  • Community Health Services – Over 4.5 million people are affected by this August, 2014 security hack resulting in names, addresses, birth dates, social security numbers and telephone numbers being exposed.

  • County of Los Angeles, Calif. – Some 350,000 people had similar information stolen during this April, 2014 data breach. Information compromised included patient names, social security numbers, payment information, dates of birth, diagnoses, and other medical data.

  • University of Maryland – While not the largest of data breaches by any means, over 300,000 people did have information about their names, social security numbers, student ID numbers, dates of birth and other data revealed in this February, 2014 hack.

  • KT Corp. – In March, 2014, this data breach revealed significant amounts of information for around 12 million people. This information includes, but may not be limited to names, resident registration numbers, bank account details and even employment information.

  • Paddy Power – While not quite as damaging as some other data incursions were in 2014, this July security breach revealed customer names, user names, email addresses, addresses, phone numbers and even Q&A security questions were compromised. 

While this all seems overwhelming, keep in mind that several companies such as Goodwill, PF Chang’s, Jimmy John’s, Orange, Neiman Marcus, Mumsnet and others suffered major data breaches as well. And these are just the ones we know about. Companies such as Rippleshot state that at least 3 other major data breaches have occurred that haven’t reached the news as of yet. Who will these records impact? And 2015 data breaches? Unfortunately, we won’t know until it happens.