If you are in search of the best gaming mouse that will meet your needs and budget, then this guide on how to find the right one for you is a must-read. Here, you can learn more about the different options available, as well as the features to consider when it comes to buying a great quality gaming mouse. So, read along and determine the perfect product to buy for your particular needs.

Consider the Game You Play

Naturally, you should look for a mouse based on the type of game you play most of the time. For instance, if you are leaning towards strategy games, the finest gaming mouse to get is one that comes with numerous programmable buttons. One of the top choices you have for this category of gaming mouse is the Logitech G502, which has a range of buttons that can be programmed based on your preference. This model, in fact, has 10 buttons, and you can program most of these with macros. 

There are also other gaming mice with even more programmable buttons such as the Razer Naga that includes 17 programmable buttons. On the other hand, FPS or First-Person Shooters games may require you to first sort out the type of player you will be, then you can start choosing a suitable mouse that matches your needs. 

DPI Rating

For some gamers, the Dots Per Inch or DPI rating of the mouse may matter since this affects the sensor’s sensitivity. With a mouse sensor that has a higher DPI rating, there is no need for you to exert much effort in moving the mouse as you play. Hence, it is more convenient to use this type of mouse, although you still need to keep your hand steady as you move it to make sure your cursor movements are accurate. 

However, if you are more interested in making faster hand movements, a mouse sensor with a lower DPI that is at least 1,200 or even less is your best bet. This can help you attain accuracy as you make a quicker sweeping movement with your hand. As for a DPI on the sensor that is 2,000 or higher, this is better when you are concentrating on a small area where slower movements are necessary for more precision. There are also gaming mice with DPI level that you can adjust effortlessly, which makes it excellent for FPS games. This way, you can go from high to low DPI level for optimum accuracy in your game as needed. 

Type of Sensor

You can select from two main types of mouse sensor which are optical and laser, although the former is the most popular nowadays because it goes well with any surface. The drawback with a laser mouse is its tendency to read anything on the surface up to the time it is lifted one centimeter off the surface – which is basically translated as a movement in your game. They also have trouble tracking properly on cloth mouse pads

With an optical mouse, however, this does not happen, particularly when you use a top-quality mat that allows the mouse to read everything on the surface accurately. You may also go for a gaming mouse with an optical sensor just to avoid the inherent acceleration issues that are found with laser mice.


The way you hold a mouse also matters when choosing the right product to purchase. The palm grip is common with big-sized gaming mice, and it allows your palm to rest on the top portion of the mouse as you move it. As for the claw grip, your fingertips surround the mouse, and this is common with lighter and smaller mice. Basically, your choice depends on what works for you best, as long as you are comfortable with every hand movement you make throughout the game. The G700 and G502 by Logitech are excellent palm-grip mouse while Krait and Copperhead offer fantastic claw-grip gaming mice in the market.

Make the Right Choice

While there may be different types, brands and models of gaming mouse in the market, your choice still depends largely on your budget. Just be clear about the features you want since this will have a huge impact on the price of the mouse. Then, it should be much easier finding the right product you need once you have determined your preferred features and specifications.