There is a moment that happens when any user begins to take its first steps in InstagramWe talked about when the number of followers is tight and seems not advance although you increase the frequency of publication in your profile.

Whether you follow all your contacts and Facebook friends, but more tests just add a few followers get more per month. It is precisely at this point that makes sense to follow a minimum strategy to find potential followers on Instagram and attract them to grow your fan base. Different service offered now days to increase your followers in social media. Buying fake followers could damage your social profile as well and fake follower selling it’s big business.

But … What is that potential followers? And what tools should I use to find them? Well that is exactly what I will explain below.

What is a follower potential in Instagram?

For us a follower potential could be defined as any user that may interest you our publications, based mainly on the type of profiles that follows and in the relationship between number of followers and number of people they follow. This last aspect will be decisive in deciding whether it is worth investing time in capture that follower or not. That is, imagine finding a profile of interesting user who you think may be a potential follower, but then their number of followers is much higher (eg 10 times) the number of people you follow, then that Profile’re not interested. We say you do not care because it’s much harder to get a follow back a user with many followers, that those with a smaller number of followers. The probability of attracting attention from thousands of followers is quite low.

Ideally, the number of followers of the user is less than the people at or below the worst case, both are about the same.

How to find potential followers on Instagram?

As you know, there are hundreds of applications to manage followers on Instagram, with which you can know who has stopped following you, what followers are more active or what are the most loyal. All this is fine, but what we want is not to manage our fans, but seek new followers based on the criteria explained above. You could take a service from a professional social media network promoter. Before buying any services read reviews for instagram followers and know which one is the best.

In our case we use the browser directly from the official application Instagram to search. It’s not the most comfortable option, but honestly we could not find any application that allows you to filter search results by maximum number of followers and minimum number of profiles that follow.

To better understand which technique we use, we will show an example of how we would.

  1. Open the app Instagram and enters the “Section Scan “.

  2. Write the name of a popular profile or write a word directly related to your topic and click “Search “. For example, if your profile publishes photos on fashion and style, you can use the word “fashion “to search for fashion-related profiles. Remember you are looking profiles, so stop marking “option Users “.

  3. Now click on any of the results. In doing so it will take you to their profile. Then click on its number of followers and as you will see the list of followers. Now you know that all these users have interest in fashion and therefore may be interested in your publications and to start to follow you.

Once inside the list of followers, get to do the dirty work of seeking those whose number of followers is less than or equal to the number of users followed. We know of no way to do this automatically, so no choice but to go one by one checking it.

Finally, there is only attracting the attention of each. To do this you can choose 2 options:

    1. Begin to follow and wait for you to return the Follow.

    2. Make Likes and discuss some of their photos. So get visiting your profile and if you like what you post, then they will start to follow you without you having them follow you.

I will not deny that this technique is a bit tedious, but dedicating 5 or 10 minutes a day will not only get to create a good base of followers on Instagram , but will be quality followers , who care about your publications and surely Profile end up recommending to others.