A good website just does not accidentally happen. It involves plenty of research, time, planning and talented and skilled heads coming together.  Websites must not be created in haste or it will become a total failure. There are various things which a website must have if it is to be exceptional, if it is to capture the attention of users. In order to help individuals and companies which are pursuing their goals of creating a perfect or an effective website, there are some pointers to remember.

White space – don’t be afraid to use it

It is very difficult to overestimate the importance of white space. It does a lot of good for websites which people often neglect or completely ignore.  White space reduces cognitive overload for users. It makes it better for people to receive the information presented onscreen. A good thing to remember is that when users visit a page for the first time, in their mind they scan the page and carefully divide it into small pieces of information.


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Structures which are complex will be a lot more difficult to scan, read and analyze and users do not like this at all. If you are presented the choice between whitespace and a visible line, it is best to go with whitespace.

Use visible language to communicate effectively

According to Aaron Marcus, there are three fundamental principles which are involved in visible language and they are organize, economize and communicate. Organization is important so that users can have a consistent and clear conceptual structure of your site. Economization is a must so that you can do the most you can with the least amount of visual elements and cues. The website must be simple, clear, and distinct and it should emphasize the most important elements of the site.

The presentation of your website should match the capabilities of the people using it. The interface must have readability and legibility. Nothing will discourage people from reading your website than an interface which looks complicated and is hard to navigate. As much as people, you should not ask users to do a lot of things just to use your site.

Test your site and test it often

Nothing can be more frustrating to a shopper and more embarrassing to the website owners than to have links which do not lead to anywhere at all. This will make the user experience terrible and this can mean loss of sale for the company.  The test principle must be applied to web design projects as often as necessary. This will help provide crucial insights to problems and other issues which may be related to the website’s layout.

A lot of work has to be invested if you are to build a good website which will serve its purpose but it does not have to be very difficult. With the help of web design Swindon firms, work will be easier and you can have exactly the website you want. There is a myriad of choices out there and you must choose wisely to get good results.