HR team is one of the most important but underestimated department for your startup. Of course, start-ups have limited resources and therefore try to cut down their expenses as much as possible. And the first department that faces the scissors is the HR department. In fact, most of the start-ups don’t even consider having one. And that’s the most costly mistake a startup can do. Read this write-up to understand why HR team is important for you startup.

  1. It helps to hire of dedicated staff

People who are into HR understand what kind of skill set you need to look for and also how to recognize an employee with high potential. Most of the CEOs of budding start-ups don’t have that kind of experience to understand the psychology of human behaviour and pick up the talent that can be an asset for their company.

This makes it really necessary to have an HR team (even if it consists of just one or two person) which is expert at what they do – hire right people for your organization. In order to really understand this point, you have consider your long term goal which would definitely involve achieving great amount of success in your business pursuits. hr team

  1. It brings people with right set of ability on board

The dedicated staff that your HR team is adept in recognizing would have the right set of ability that would benefit your company. Find people with right skill set is tougher than ever in this era and you need no one but an expert in the field. Also, considering you as the CEO of the company, you would be more involved in aspects like sales, revenues etc. It is better to leave this very important part to hands that are adept in handling it.

  1. It aids in Employee satisfaction and Database Management

If you’re thinking that the only role HR team play is the one of hiring, you really need some more formal education about setting up a business. HR department is responsible for a lot of more important things.

Who would worry about the satisfaction of your employee? Who would work to make sure your talented employees stay with you and not run to your competitor? Who would make sure that they get right amount of salary and that too on time? Who will keep all of this data up to date and in well formatted spreadsheets? If you’re yourself planning to do this, who will work on getting the clients and growing the business?

  1. Plays a crucial role in maintaining culture

Last but not the least, a company’s success depends upon the kind of culture it has. Why is Apple so famous and unmatched? Why Apple competes with no one but itself? That is because of the unique culture that was built by the founder of the company – Steve Jobs.

But I bet even Steve Jobs would have failed in that if he hadn’t had a good team to support what he stood up for. It is important to maintain the culture of your company and so, it is important to have an HR team on board.