Until as recently as a few years ago, providing customers with free public WiFi access was seen as a luxury by most firms. Now, offering such web connections is viewed as a must by many organizations. The fact is, consumer expectations have changed. These days, people want to be able to get online quickly and easily in a whole range of environments. Whether they’re relaxing in a bar, working in their hotel rooms, perusing items in the shops or anything else, they expect to be able to access the web. They also look for speedy internet connections. Sluggish WiFi can be a big turnoff to the consumers of today. If you think your public WiFi provisions are too slow, now could be the time to take action.

Choose the right public WiFi provider


First and foremost, it’s important to select a suitable provider. Public WiFi specialists like Airangel focus on offering systems that more than meet consumer needs. By turning to an expert third party like this, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to offer the fast web access that your customers are seeking.

When you’re choosing a provider, make sure you opt for one that offers impressive levels of technical backup. For example, the firm should have a dedicated in-house team of skilled and experienced engineers and developers.

Putting careful thought into your WiFi service provider is the most important step when it comes to giving your customers the speedy web access they demand.

Benefit from flexible bandwidth


Ideally, your provider will also be able to offer you flexible bandwidth. This scalability will help to ensure that you can keep multiple web users happy at the same time, even during your busiest periods. Going the extra mile like this to ensure your WiFi network meets the needs of your customers will help your company to stand out from the crowd.

The research speaks for itself


If you ever need to be reminded of the importance of fast WiFi, simply take a look at the research. For example, a study conducted by Cisco found that while public WiFi users were generally quite satisfied with the services they use, speed was identified as an area for improvement.

Making sure that your firm is able to offer quick, reliable web access to your customers may require some effort and expense, but it’s well worth doing. If your WiFi provisions lag behind those of other firms, you risk being put at a competitive disadvantage. Ultimately, this could spell disaster for your long-term prospects.