If organisation skills aren’t your strong point, don’t despair. There are countless apps available today that can turn your life around, and now that most of us carry our mobile devices everywhere, there is no excuse for not downloading one. Never again will you miss an appointment, lose shopping lists or forget passwords. Try one of these fantastic apps and you’ll never look back!

Private Password.s Keeper 

How many times have you tried to check your online bank balance, post an exciting Tweet or put in an eBay bid and found that you’ve forgotten your password? Today, we’re all signed up to vast numbers of websites, and each one asks for a login ID and password. Experts tell us that we should be using a different one for every site, just in case we get hacked, and that we should use complex passwords with lots of digits and special characters. It’s all very good in principle, but there’s only so much remembering we can do. Protect yourself from forgotten passwords by downloading the Private Password.s Keeper app. Simply enter all your passwords, set one master code, and every time you log into one of your favourite sites, Private Password.s Keeper will automatically input your details. Simple! It also features super-strong encryption and an auto-destruct feature to protect your information from hackers for total peace of mind.

Infinote Pinboard For Tasks And Notes

There’s nothing quite like the kitchen noticeboard. It’s the perfect place to pin all the information you could possibly need. School term dates, the times of the kids’ parents evenings, the appointment card from the dentist, and the locksmith’s phone number all get stuck on the pinboard as the ideal aide memoire. Now you can take your kitchen pinboard everywhere you go when you download the Infinote Pinboard For Tasks And Notes. With infinite space for multiple noticeboards, you can add as many notes as you need, and with the colourful display you won’t have any difficulty in spotting the information you need to keep you organised and on track.

Quick Drafts

If you’re a disorganised person, you need constant reminders of what you need to do. Luckily, downloading Quick Drafts is the perfect solution. This handy app lets you create notes which can then act as to do lists, be posted to your calendar, or even sent to you by email, text message, or to your Facebook. One super-useful feature is the ability to note down phone numbers, websites and email addresses and turn them into links that you can simply tap to access. By using the alarm feature, you can even set your phone to remind you when an appointment is due or when a task is supposed to be completed. Save your notes for viewing at a later time by sending them to your Dropbox by connecting through your mobile data network or via your home fibre broadband wireless connection.